Environmental management and assessment consultants

Need an environmental assessment or management plan?

We know some people think environmental impact assessment (EIA's) for environmental authorisation  is a waste of time and money. Our job is to make sure your environmental assessments and management plans are focused, relevant and cost effective. The EIA and EMP should provide you with information on which you can base decisions that allow cost benefits as well as sustainability / longevity in your development - the result being added long term value in operation and maintenence.


We are a team of environmental management consultants who have experience in all aspects of environmental authorisation and management.

Fill your details in and an experienced environmental management consultant to get back to you. It's a 100% free, no obligation service. We know you're serious about needing environmental assistance. We also think that environmental compliance does not have to be expensive (or cost the earth!). We use our experience to reduce delays, improve sustainability and bring about cost effective environmental management.

Our experience makes sure you always get sound environmental management advice.

We're serious about making sure your environmental requirements are met. After all, we are pasionate about the environmental management and have a reputation to uphold  .

  • We help you minimise your environmental impacts.
  • We help ensure environmental compliance.
  • We seek out and implement cost effective and sound techniques and technology.
  • We look to enhancing your development with environmental strategies that often minimise delays, improve sustainability and reduce operational costs.